About us

What are our ministry focuses?

Our first ministry begins at home with our son, Vincent. He was born on 22 April 2014 and we are privileged to be his first witnesses to who Jesus is and what His Word teaches.

The heart of our ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ is to share the Gospel with and to walk a path with students in their journey with God, teaching them how to share their faith with others.

Nicholas is on the regional campus team in the Western Cape which is aimed at reaching universities all over the province. He is also on the pioneering team of a CCC ministry that uses technology to aid ministry and reach more people with the Gospel in South Africa.

Pravani is the national team leader for the campus ministry in South Africa. Her main focus is on equipping the missionaries who are leading campus ministry teams in the difference provinces and giving direction on a national level.

How did we become missionaries?

Nicholas: I was invited to a prayer conference hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). Here, I was introduced to CCC, a few staff, disciples and my wife.  I joined CCC full-time in November 2008.

Pravani: In my final year of my study for my degree in Information Technology, I attended a CCC student leadership conference in Washington D.C. It was here that God confirmed His call on my life (using John 21:16-17) to serve Him through the ministry of CCC as a full-time missionary to reach students with the Gospel.

What challenges do we experience in our work?

Nicholas recently joined a strategy within CCC called Digital Strategy. Pioneering is hard work – not having a clear framework or tools on such a vast medium as the internet and technology could leave us wandering because of the endless needs and opportunities.

Pravani struggles with coaching and leading a team that is scattered geographically – she therefore has to travel a lot or communicate via Skype and telephone calls. This is challenging for a first-time mom.

What are our needs?

Will you consider supporting us in the following way:

Prayer – We need Christians to pray for our ministry and our personal lives. Without it all we do is in vain.
Networking – Facebook friends? Cellphone contacts? Is there anybody you know that will be willing to give us some time to share our vision?
Finances – Will you invest into our ministry financially? Our salary comes solely through the investments of individuals sowing into our ministry.
Expertise – Do you have any specific skills that could benefit our ministry? E.g. technology, guest speakers, equipment etc.

What can you pray for us?

Please pray for a consistent, deep walk and love relationship with God

btyPlease pray for our marriage and parenting to grow in Christ-like love, patience and honour for the Lord and one another.

Please pray that every student in South Africa will be reached for Christ and mobilised as a lifetime labourer for Christ