March Ministry Update

In October last year, we as the Digital Strategies Team created specific goals that we wanted to achieve this year. It is amazing to see how things are falling into place. One of our goals is to partner with 2 churches per year that have a strong online presence. At this point, God has given us opportunity to partner with 3 such churches. We are very excited about the possibilities these partnerships hold.

One of the highlights on our calendar is coming in May. We will be attending a conference in Holland hosted by – the organisation that created the online platform we are currently using. It will be an opportunity to learn from the creators, network with other groups that use the same tools and get exposed to other ways to get searchers to our content. God has provided 90% of my budget for attending this event and He has done it in record time. If you are interested in finding out more, please click here.

A big part of my ministry focus is to train up e-coaches who, when qualified, would be able to serve as coaches for people who subscribe to our online courses. One of our female missionaries is a mom of 4 small kids who doesn’t get much time to go out in order to do ministry. I approached her last year and challenged her to become an e-coach for ladies that access our platform. She gladly accepted. Over the past 7 months she has completed 6 courses (as seen in picture) and is equipped enough to be an e-coach. She did this by setting aside just 30 to 120 minutes a week.

As the Digital Strategies Team we are excited about the progress we are making in this young strategy. But each of us on the team are experiencing challenges – health, finances and different kinds of opposition. We believe the enemy is using these things to try and rob us of our joy. Pravani and I have lost a few ministry partners over the last 3 months, and the reason was the same for all of them, they are going through tough times. I appreciated them telling us. We could pray for them and thank them for being part of our team.

What are things you can help with?

  • You can pray for the Digital Strategies ministry. We are small team taking on a mammoth task. People see our ministry as the future of evangelism – it gets them excited and they want to see quick progress but even things that seem easy to create require more time, resources, expertise and people than they seem. We want to create quality tools for ministry, therefore our progress takes some time.
  • If God lays on your heart to invest in our ministry, please contact us or look at our give page.
  • If you would be open to introducing us to your friends or small group at church so that we may challenge them to invest in our ministry, please contact us.

Thank you for reading this update, may you have an amazing Easter.


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