Going Potty

It’s been a busy but blessed season at the Kelderman household. Our little big boy Kiran who turned two in May is now potty training and he is very proud of himself,  especially when he’s allowed to flush! If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be excited about bowel movements I would’ve laughed at you, but these are now part of the fun conversations I get to have with my family.

Our first-born, Vincent, who turned 4 in April is full of fun, joy and curiosity. As some of you may know, we have had challenges with his delay in speech. This past week I was finally able to take him for a speech therapy assessment at the University of Pretoria (pic right). It was fascinating to learn so many things aboDSC_0001ut my boy. I got to understand that his love for sensory stimulation, music and numbers are great tools we can use to build his language development. The feedback I got from the assessment helped me understand that we need to work on a few things: his hearing, his language development and the way he deals with the sensory overload that his body and mind experiences. We are currently tackling the hearing issue by gradually removing a wax build-up using eardrops and will soon send him for regular speech and occupational therapy. We are grateful to God and look forward to watching Him use our precious, friendly Vincent for His glory.


In the meantime, I’ve been trying a few exercises at home just to help him slow down, davprocess information and articulate what he understands. It’s been rocky here and there (especially because Kiran wants to do his Godzilla impersonation on every project we attempt!) but we are having fun and making progress. In the picture on the left, Vincent is selecting pegs of the same color, naming them and pegging them onto a cardboard. This activity helps with focus and fine motor skills.


Vincent, Kiran and I attend a mommy group once a week. Here the mommies get to give each other support, encouragement, advice and prayer and the kids get to play outside and make friends. Kiran’s closest friend is a beautiful blonde with a fbtshy sweet smile, her name is Sarah and they’re two weeks apart. Sarah’s mom, Beth, is a close friend of mine and she leads our mommy group time. I’ve found this group to be a lifeline, steam-valve release, “I’m not crazy”, we’re-all-in-this-together circle of friends here in Pretoria. Honestly, I don’t believe anyone should do parenting on their own, especially us as moms who often take on more than we can handle.

Amid all the laughter, tears, chaos and mess, I’m immensely grateful for  this season when I can have my boys all to myself and have a front-row seat on their growth journey, even spiritually. Vincent and Kiran have both started saying grace at the table lately and it’s been precious to watch them pray with their tiny hands clasped together. I am learning from them – to trust, to laugh and to release all that I feel to our Father.

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