E-coach training – It is done

Good day Ministry Partners,

Since my trip to Poland I have been engaged in the training they present to become an E-coach. With a feeling of accomplishment, I can share that this week I have completed their training. As I go through the process of becoming an e-coach I’m processing what I could use when training South African E-coaches. I have chosen my lessons and now we are working at exporting those to our platform and contextualising it to South African English.

The Campus Crusade for Christ Digital Strategies team (myself included) are working hard to get our platform ready for our launch in mid-September. The basics are already in place, we just need to add a few more modules for variety. A big part of the launch is also a fundraiser. If you are interested in attending this event, please send me an email/Whatsapp.

My next steps are to work through modules with the team at Jesus.net in Holland. They created the platform and have been running this ministry for 10 years. They have more modules and practical experience and I look forward to bounce ideas off them to improve the tools that we are using.

Please pray that all our logistics will fall in place for the launch & fundraiser and that the right people will be attending this event.

Thank you for your time and prayers.



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