E-coach training – Personal conversation

For more than a month I have been busy with a module called Personal Conversation. This was a time-consuming module due do its practical aspect. The training has clear theory that is instructive and easy to understand, but the practical section was harder to work through.

I worked through 5 interactions – these are case studies given to me by my coach simulating what my online ministry will be like –  each one totally unique. And I had to engage the person, look for the core of the message, direct the conversation, encourage the person, help with self-discovery and get the conversation to a point of introducing a relevant module in our platform.

After the 5 practice sessions, there was an even more difficult topic for me to cover – how to communicate with someone that is suicidal. It involves focusing on what not to say and what to say, understanding what the need is and doing my best to engage and encourage. Part of this is also to encourage them to get professional help.

This process has been fully worth it and I am grateful to my e-coach who is based in Poland, making sure that I am fully equipped. I hope to be that coach for someone else soon.

Please pray for our fund development. Pravani and I are making appointments and trusting that more people will join our team, so that we can give our full attention to the ministry God has given us.

Thank you,


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