The Ubuntu Experience

Do you remember being young and excited for Jesus? If you’re like me, watching young people live out their faith passionately is like a shot of espresso to my heart. David, Dale, Anne-lee and Petunia are four students who took a step of faith in trusting God to get them to our national CCCSA student conference – Ubuntu 2017.

How much faith does it take to attend a conference? With just two months to raise R2000 each, it took training (how to write a fundraising letter, how to budget etc.), encouragement, coffee, lots of prayer and approximately four pizzas. I’m grateful that I got to be a part of their journey by doing some of the background work and having everyone meet at my home during our times together. With the help of family, friends, their churches and even campus professors these students raised their full support.

At the conference God met with each of them in a very special way. It was hosted in Winkelspruit, Kwazulu/Natal from 30June-4July. Over 100 students gathered from across South Africa as well as Namibia and Swaziland to be trained in evangelism, worship God together and share their faith on a local beach.

Some very special things resulted from this conference. A few days after they returned from the conference, we all met together to celebrate what God did – balloons, music, photo-sharing, even a Skype call from our team leader in America(picture included below). Anne-lee surprised us all by presenting a Powerpoint that she put together with photos and lessons learned. David shared with us his vision for ministry, Petunia and Anne-lee even agreed to go witnessing on campus together!

The most special part of this experience with these students was the ability to be a coach, cheerleader and big sister behind the scenes. God encouraged my heart as I watched them trust Him. He fanned into flames the spark He ignited 15 years ago when it was me attending a student conference that changed my life.

What about you? Can God use you to do something for a young person today? It doesn’t take much at all – a Whatsapp, a phone call, a meal at your home, these small things nurture the heart of a young person and turn small acorns into giant oak trees!



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