Helping staff with digital transitions

Good day Ministry Partner,

In today’s update I want give feedback regarding Digital Strategies. Although Pravani and I are primarily focused on Ministry Partner Development, I still have opportunities to do some Digital Strategies work.

What am I currently doing in Digital Strategies?

The short answer is helping our staff. The longer answer is that we are changing systems regarding where we capture the data of our Ministry Partner Development. We are moving from a program loaded on our computers to a web-based system. This will allow our staff to have quick and easy access to the information they need, may it be on their computers or cell phones. My job is to help with the transition, transferring of data and connecting services that we utilise. We trust to be finished with this by August.

What am I looking forward to in Digital Strategies?

We are currently getting an online evangelism and discipleship system in place in partnership with doesn’t just help with the setup of the site, but also host trainings so that we can do the work effectively. The next training is at the end of September and it will be hosted in Poland. Part of the focus will be raising up e-coaches and sustaining multiplying discipleship online and offline. I am really looking forward to the training and I will share more the closer we get to the date.

Please pray for the following:

  • That we will reach our monthly target so that we can give our full attention to our ministries.
  • That we (myself, Pravani, Vincent and Kiran) will stay healthy during the rest of this winter.

Have a great day.



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