What time is it?

At our Staff Conference this past April, one of the main speakers started off with the question “What time is it?” He continued to cast vision and direction for the ministry. But the question resonated with me. What time is it? Since the year started life has been harder. We have been sick on and off, almost like a tag team, sometimes all of us sick at once. We also experience that a few of our ministry partners are going through challenges, and we experience the consequences of those challenges by losing those financial investments. And because we are not reaching our monthly income goal, getting to minister through digital strategies feels like a far off dream. Okay, that is looking at the challenges. But the question remains, what time is it?

Over the past few months I have been walking a path with the pastor of my church, and in this time he has been helping me focus on the foundation of my calling. We worked through a variety of material, from doing a gifts assessment, to looking at my life verse. Some of these concepts might sound strange, but when we put the puzzle pieces together, it shows that I am in the right place. So by knowing my calling, it gives a foundation to stand on during tough times. This answers the question of purpose, but it doesn’t answer my question, “what time is it?”

The best place to find my answer is from God. Nice generic answer, right? But it is harder when you have been in a routine or habit and you have to break out of the comfort mould. Seek God’s face, instead of just reading scripture and doing a generic prayer. My comfort zone is not to read. I worked through a book by Andrew Murray called Jesus Himself. It felt more like a sermon, but it reminded me of the passion and excitement of being a follower for Jesus and why it’s the greatest gift of being part of Christ’s family.

So, what time is it?

It is time to connect with God, our maker. It is time to talk to you, our ministry partner. It is time to do what God has called us to do. It is time to connect with mentors, influencers, the lost for the sake of the gospel. It’s time to pray for us.

So please pray for:

  • Our health – that God will stop this cycle of sickness in our home.
  • Ministry Partner Development – That we will meet the right people who want to invest in our ministry
  • That we will continue to grow in our relationship with God and as a family.

Have a great day.



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