Are you watching me baby?

It’s amazing how much the ones you want to teach learn from what you do rather than what you say. Telling your children how important it is to be generous and share isn’t nearly as powerful as them watching you share and be generous (especially when it feels “inconvenient”).

Twice every year we have the wonderful privilege of taking a day to pray for our missionaries worldwide. Our Western Cape team always manages to turn what could be “just another prayer meeting” into an exciting adventure. This time we all stayed over at a small town up the west coast called Redelinghuys. But it wasn’t just a stayover, our team conducted 4 Jesus film showings reached out to schoolteachers and did a prayer drive through the community!

Praise God with us, more than 150 people received Christ as their savior as a result of these outreaches. Click here to hear the prayer with the children after the film showing (you may need to turn up the volume on your device).

The farmers in the area sponsored the food and accommodation for our whole time there. Our team’s ministry activities covered the areas of Redelinghuys, Elands Bay and Leipoldtville. We as a family enjoyed the hospitality of a guesthouse in Redelinghuys. Vincent spent his time chasing chickens, speaking to goats and stalking the cat. Kiran always loves being with our team because all the ladies want a cuddle, hug and kiss and he generously obliges.

Here’s a quick video clip of Vincent enjoying the goats (ok, I enjoyed them too!)

Back to the Worldwide Day of Prayer…

Our team gathered in a local church hall in Leipoldtville to pray for the world. This was the best part for me because for the first time, Vincent was my prayer partner! At even the age of three years old, I can see that this boy recognizes that prayer is important. Whether we’re giving thanks for food, or praying for someone while driving in the car, it’s such a sweet thing to see him put his tiny hands together and bow his head. Here’s a little clip of him and I praying together (he was a bit distracted by the camera, but I wanted to capture the moment. Also listen for Kiran in the background!)

Friend, I’m sharing this with you to encourage you to also allow your children and others you are trying to lead or inspire to see your faith in action. Many times we are led to believe that our faith must be loudly taught and quietly lived. In some instances that is required but whether we like it or not, those tiny hands will do what they see us do (Deut 6:7, James 2:14-18).





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