Happy Snappies – looking back and looking forward

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We hope you enjoyed that  Thanks for taking the time to relive our happy-snappies from last year. We are grateful for all God has taken us through and all He has yet to show us for 2017. Speaking of 2017, it is clearly showing itself to be the start of another adventure (don’t worry, I’m not pregnant again!)
I am typing this post in “the office corner” of our bedroom as Nicholas spends time with the boys in the living room feeding Kiran (8 months) his apple puree while Vincent (2.5 years) eats his afternoon snack. I’m sharing this with you to give you an idea of what ministry looks like for the Keldermans. Due to my many Facebook posts about the kids I’ve been asked whether I am still in ministry. The answer is a definite YES! Although, ministry looks somewhat unconventional for now. Most of my day is centered around my primary ministry – my children. Vincent is learning new words and meeting new friends almost daily and Kiran is determined to prove he can walk before he can crawl! As you can imagine, that in itself in a full-time job! During the week I schedule ministry appointments as I am able – this includes conducting staff interviews, coaching time with other missionaries and email time. During our morning and afternoon walks Vincent and I are on the lookout for meeting new friends in our complex, this too is a part of my ministry. Fortunately, Nicholas’ ministry doesn’t confine him to a specific location as he is with our Digital Strategy (ministering to others online). This means that he can often do his work from home which offers some special time with the boys while they are still very young.
Even though I look forward to a time when I’ll be back on campus interacting with students again, I am grateful for this home-based season. It’s knowing that I will not get back these years of putting tiny hands together to say grace for a meal (and cleaning up a grubby butternut smile afterwards), or getting a “I’m sorry” hug after timeout or making a supercool Mohawk after bathtime. Soon these boys will be men, and by God’s grace, men of character whose roots of faith are strong and deep.




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