Plans for 2017

hello-2017Happy new year! We trust that you had a great festive season with family and loved ones.

We, the Digital Strategy team, came together in the last working week in December to do some strategic planning. We spent 3 days discussing events and goals that we set for ourselves for 2016. Our focus for 2016 was to test and experiment with a variety of tools to determine what will work best for our ministry. At this planning we came together and made a list of 3 areas we will focus on for 2017.

The first area will be focusing on evangelism and discipleship. We are partnering with a European group affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ called They have built an online infrastructure with the focus of evangelism and discipleship. They have setup a site for us, giving us the basic infrastructure, and our job is now to give it content relevant to a South African audience. As soon as that is in place, we can use this site to share our faith, do e-discipleship and teach them to use this tool to do the same. We are very excited about this tool.

Our second area that we will be focusing on is in-house development. We have electronic tools that we as missionaries use to help us in our monthly tasks. From capturing statistics to sending out a monthly newsletter, we have tools in place and not all our staff are tech savvy enough to catch it on the first try so we host trainings and help when they get stuck.

Our third area is Indigitous. Indigitous is not just an event where we expose people to tools and strategies, but it’s also an opportunity for building communities of like hearted people to create tools and do outreaches in their areas of influence. So, we are planning to host 2 one-day events this year, one in Gauteng and the other in Cape Town.

We are excited about 2017. Pravani and I have been doing some basic planning for this and here is what is lying ahead for us.

  • We will be doing Ministry Partner Development till the end of February – challenging new people to join our team of ministry partners
  • From March I (Nicholas) will be focusing on the above-mentioned plans and help out at the Western Cape office.
  • Pravani will be focusing on in-house coaching for our staff ladies and reaching her immediate community.
  • Increasing our involvement at our church.
  • If you want to get involved or have any questions, please email, WhatsApp or call us. We have all these plans, but without God’s direction and input and blessing, we will get nowhere. So please continue to pray for us.

With love in Christ,



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