Digital School of Leadership

“Why do you have a Facebook page? Why do you spend hours a week updating posts, tweeting, posting pictures on Instagram? Are you making a difference using these tools that are at our fingertips?” These were some of the questions my colleague asked me halfway through Digital School of Leadership (DSL).

DSL was an event where our Digital Strategy staff from different countries came together so that we can learn from each other and improve in our own area of focus.

levels-of-digital-maturityThe best place we started this conference is by understanding Digital Maturity. It doesn’t necessarily focus on an individual’s digital maturity, but rather an organisation. The chart gives a few clear self-evaluating points to help you understand where you currently are.

A key point to understand is who your target audience is. When creating a page for ministry it helps to know if I am aiming to reach non-believers, inactive believers or involved believers. This will help you decide what content to post and if you are running ads – who to target.

You need to have a strategy. In other words, plan ahead. Know what type of content you want to share on what days, may it be scripture, lesson, meme, testimony, video, picture… You can even just preload the content, so that the rest of the week you engage with people interacting with your post.

I know that we, the South African team, learned a lot more than these few points and we want to implement a good deal of the information we learned at DSL. Pray that in a year’s time that we can say that we (Campus Crusade for Christ) have grown closer to Digital Maturity and that we are reaping the fruit.

With love in Christ



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