Kiran’s Story

Even though God had dreamed him long before we did, my earliest memory of Kiran was at a staff meeting where Nicholas and I had asked our team to pray for us to have a second child. Even though our hearts lay open to God’s will, my secret desire was to have another boy – a son who would, like Vincent, wrap my mommy heart around his tiny fingers. In God’s perfect timing, He showed us His answer on a pregnancy test in September 2015 and a few weeks later we were informed that our baby was a boy!

Our agreement was that since Nicholas chose Vincent’s name, I could choose our second son’s name. My preference was that he would have an Indian name – so the search began with one of the oldest Indian languages – Sanskrit. In our search, the name Kiran popped up and its meaning grabbed our hearts. The name Kiran (pronounced “key-rinn”) means “A Ray of Light”. This holds a significant meaning to us as disciples of Jesus who encouraged us to be the light of the world (to draw others to God, shine for Him and to push back the darkness). This beautiful meaning was confirmed when I prayed with a friend one day. God showed me a mental picture of a cradle being surrounded by darkness and demons when suddenly a bright light shone out of it and threw them all back. Nicholas and I pray that as Kiran grows into a man, God’s picture will be confirmed – that Kiran would allow Christ to shine through him and push back the darkness of this world, unafraid and unashamed.

My pregnancy with Kiran was a joy and he was brought into the world through a quick and professional C-section on 23 May 2016 weighing a sturdy 4.17kgs. Before I went into surgery, I asked Nicholas to put on some worship music for me to listen to. The words of Chris Tomlin’s song called Indescribable sank deep into my heart, giving me peace and reassuring me that God was in control. When Kiran was placed on my chest, I was overwhelmed with love and joy for this little one, grateful that I could once again share this miracle with Nicholas. We recently dedicated him to the Lord – a special ceremony where our pastor and our church prayed over Kiran and admonished us to raise him in the ways of the Lord. It was an extra special privilege to have my parents come from Gauteng to attend that as well. To watch the video of that special moment you can click below.

Vincent’s affection for his boetie (meaning little brother in Afrikaans) has been a growing journey of acceptance and love. He loves hugging Kiran and can often be heard around the house saying, “Boetie…mamma…boetie…mamma”.

Friends, thank you for sharing in our joy with all your prayers, well wishes and visits. Please continue to pray for us. I will continue to work from home with our student ministry (which is becoming an even greater adventure with two little ones!) while Nicholas works from our Tygervalley office with our Digital Strategy.

Thank you for all your love and support through this whole journey. I cannot believe we’re a family of four now!

With love



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