Seeing blessing in digital small steps

I am in a process of exciting yet humble beginnings in the Digital Strategy of Campus Crusade for Christ here in the Western Cape. Allow me to share with you what’s making me excited about my work.

IMG_3005-01 (800x600)

I am registered with a website that gives answers to a variety of questions regarding the Christian faith. At the end of the article, a reader can ask a question in the comment box. That question or comment is sent to people who are registered, like myself, to be an online missionary.

During the month of March, I received a few emails from this site. I got to correspond with people from different age groups, life experience and perspectives of God. The questions were hard and the messages were more honest than what I could believe. They were looking for God and I had an opportunity to give them a glimpse. Answering one email easily takes me an hour. There is a whole process I work through:

  • I try to understand their need or the purpose behind their question – this involves me reading their email a few times over
  • I refer to scripture to help answer the question – that’s my research part of the process
  • I ask God “What do they need to hear?” – that’s the prayer aspect

In all of it, I try putting my thoughts to words gracefully, but honestly.

What amazed me when I read an email like that for the first time was that God would place a scripture or Bible character on my heart. I will go look it up after I read the email and it hits the nail on the head. While I type the response, there is a clarity and confidence that gives me the boldness to say the hard things and encourage the good things.

What I am basically saying is that God is using me to impact people whom I have not met face to face, but the impact always feels bigger on my side. When I help people to grow closer to God, I grow too. I want you to experience this wonder too. So I encourage you, find a person who needs help in their growth and be a part of that growth. We are all called to make disciples. It can happen either at your church, work place or friendship circles. We all need more of Jesus.

Thank you for reading my update and keeping us in your prayers.



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