Eternal life Lessons at Checkers?

Today’s bible study on UWC campus was about eternal life. It’s something that many Christians struggle with despite its clear standing in scripture. Questions like, “How can I be really sure that when I die, I’ll go to Jesus?” or statements like, “I’m scared of death” or “Is there life after death?” have been the nagging doubts of many a sincere follower of Christ. Today, Anne-lee and I explored many scriptures about what the death of Christ on the cross meant for us who believe in Him and how His work on the cross is the full and only payment for our sin. God brought to mind an interesting (and funny!) incident that happened with Nicholas yesterday to illustrate this point perfectly.

I gave Nicholas a voucher from Pick and Pay that he was to use to go buy milk aembarrassed-bearnd bread. He hopped into the car and followed his usual route to buy groceries. He gets to the cashier and pulls out his receipt confidently only to be told that Checkers (the shop that he went to instead) doesn’t accept Pick and Pay vouchers. Oops! (See the bear on the right for his expression) You see, often we think that when we die we will present to God all the good deeds we have done and all the explanations of why we should get into heaven. However, God accepts only one answer and that is, “Jesus paid the full price for me on the cross.” Anything else, might feel right or sufficient, but it is not valid.

You see friends, if you and I have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior, we can stand firm on the promise of God that if we have the Son, we have eternal life (1 John 5:11-13). The relationship we have with Christ starts from the moment we invite Him into our hearts and will continue for eternity. Just as we can be certain of the relationship we have with Him, we can be certain that nothing can stand in the way of that relationship, not even death. And this is not based on what we’ve done for Him, but rather the complete work that He has done for us (Ephesians 2:8, 9).

If you would like a copy of the bible study I did with Anne-lee, you click on this link:  and select the first bible study called Confidence. Feel free to go through this study yourself, or even better, share it with a friend or in your small group.

With love,



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