The Lie

Here is a great update from a good friend and colleague on mine.



Journey With The Jacksons

The Lie

The world is full of lies. Many times people don’t mean to lie, its just that their promises never come true. Have you ever had someone promise you they would do something helpful for you and it ends up never coming true? Like promising to save you some of their food and then forget after every bite until the last one…and then shamelessly offer it up to you as if they remembered the whole time?

“Nah man, its all good, you can have it.”

Well promises aren’t meant to be lies, but its funny how many lies are believed in such way that they carry the façade of a promise. For example, “God only helps those who help themselves,” was the belief of a student my friend Nicholas and I had a conversation with today on campus. It was our monthly outreach time as a team and we decided to…

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