Waves of life

It is the end of February and I am asking myself what happened. I have spoken to a few guys and they shared the same crazy start to the year. For myself, this year feels like I have been in a storm and the waves and wind have been blowing me from one side to the next. And all I can do is react. I’ve been reacting to meetings, urgent tasks, a stomach bug, family needs and the normal daily duties. It doesn’t sound that bad when you look at it, except for the stomach bug, but the true problem was that my eyes were on the tasks and not on Christ.


Last week Thursday I was trying to put my thoughts to paper (MS Word) and God reminded me about the disciples who were at sea when a storm arose. They were battling all night and in the early morning hours they saw Jesus walking on the water. They thought he was a ghost and start crying out in fear. But Jesus called to them and told them not to be afraid. He came to them and got into the boat. Their experience improved because they were focused on him even though it didn’t make sense to them. (Mark 6:45-52)


So that was a kick in the pants. I was allowing life to throw me around because I tried to do it in my own strength. So what did I do? I approached a friend and asked him if we could do a Bible reading plan together on YouVersion. So he picked a 5-day plan and we discussed what we learn afterwards. I became accountable. Because we are connected as friends on YouVersion, we can see each other’s progress and prod each other when one falls a few days behind.

This tool really encouraged me. What helps you to connect with God regularly? And what helps you grow in relationship with God? Please share.

Please pray for:

  1. Productive ministry
  2. Healthy pregnancy
  3. Quality family time
  4. Engaging God better




One thought on “Waves of life

  1. Intentional living is absolutely critical! We need to align ourselves with Christ’s priorities and lessen the “importance” of the mundane… espeically challenging when a parent of a young child (or two (or three)).

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