We Jumped!

photo-1443373348943-ffee862645c7 - Copy (1024x768)You’ve seen it in the movies many times I’m sure – two people standing hand-in-hand at the edge of a cliff or waterfall, both scared but filled with a wild desire for plunging into the unknown adventure lying ahead. We knew it would come to this. Vinnie had turned one and it was time.

I am pleased to say that we took the plunge and found God’s faithfulness at the bottom! Yes friends, we are 22weeks into our second pregnancy (due 4 June 2016) 12356685_10156298995150722_7352690188011723771_oand as a pregnant mommy with a busy toddler in tow, I can tell you, the current is strong in these waters! I am learning to slow down, laugh more and accept the fact that I have to tell people (and myself), “I’m sorry, but I just can’t go/do that/be there/tackle that task right now”. This January, Nicholas and I took time to plan our year ahead including weekly schedules that reflect our priorities (remember friend, it may be February but it’s not too late to be proactive about this year). My priorities this year are pouring into Vincent’s development before he starts attending daycare more regularly, nurturing our newborn baby and being a helper to my husband. I will still be a part of the campus team, but on a small scale until my maternity leave begins. Friends, I will appreciate your prayers during this busy and exciting time. Please pray for the following:

  • A safe, uncomplicated pregnancy and birth
  • Wisdom and God’s provision on daycare schedules for Vincent
  • Our marriage and walk with God to grow in grace and truth during this time

with love,



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