Indigitous cape town 2015

The usual update is about us attending an event or sharing about a certain experience. This update is different. The vision of Indigitous cape town started in the beginning of the year, with my team leader, Johan challenging me to host this event. I was hesitant, to put it mildly. I attended the one in Pretoria and in June we met as the Digital Strategies (DS) team and selected a date for Indigitous cape town.

I needed help in Cape Town, especially because the rest of the DS team is based in Pretoria. So we partnered with 2 organisations, Digital4Christ and YesHeIs. Together we figured out what our expectations were and what we needed to do.  

There were stages when I felt that this event will not happen. Giving up was constantly on my mind. But God kept reminding me that this was His plan. Just by sharing in our new cellgroup to pray for this event, one couple helped by finding a venue in the southern suburbs. After I created a budget, Pravani and I challenged a few ministry partners to invest into this event. We reached our goal in pledges within 2 days. It blew my mind. God provided again. I should not be surprised, but I am grateful that I am.

Welcome to Indigitous

Welcome to Indigitous

For the event I was trusting God for a minimum of 5  people and a maximum of 50. We had 9 attendees, excluding the speakers and helpers. At the event, the program ran well. Leon, a co-worker in Student-Led Movement, lead us in a devotional about how important it is to stay current with the times and using the tools that are at our disposal. Japie, owner of Digital4Christ, guided us on the use of social media, specifically focusing on how we Influence, Encourage and Proclaim on the different platforms. Ian, representing YesHeIs, shared with why their tool of sending videos over digital platforms has become one of the best ways to start conversation to reach people for Christ. Lastly Johan, my DS team leader, focused on different tools that Campus Crusade for Christ has made available for witnessing and discipleship.

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The feedback we received was encouraging. I have learned a lot about planning a conference and I have a better expectation of how the next Indigitous cape town should look.

Thank you. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your investment. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for trusting in Jesus like we do.

Enjoy the festive season.



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