Tygervalley Teens change lives!


One-on-one practice at the church – learning how to share their faith using the Four Spiritual Laws booklet

Lately it seems that if we had to see a headline like the one above in a local newspaper we would assume that young people had bravely rescued others from a burning building or some other potential tragedy. I was privileged to witness such an incident where a few brave teenagers walked into Tygervalley Mall to rescue people from the worst potential tragedy – spending an eternity not knowing Jesus!



Swapping stories of God’s faithfulness at Tygervalley spur

Most of them were going out to share their faith for the very first time, which can be terrifying for a 12-16 year-old. Yet, for the youth leaders (Rehan and Bernerine Boonzaier) at Soter Christian Reformed Church in Parow, this was a prime opportunity for showing these teenagers what God can do through them. 13 Teenagers received the evangelism training which my colleague Marais and I conducted at the church and 7 of them joined us for the outreach at Tygervalley Mall afterwards. As we sipped our drinks at the Spur after the outreach, it filled my heart to hear how each young person stepped out in faith and spoke to total strangers about the love of Jesus. During a short amount of time we shared our faith with 7 people in total and 2 came to know Christ personally! All glory to our God!


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