Brainstorming the characteristics of a movement

“Feminism, the fight against Apartheid, the great salt March led by Ghandi, these are just a few examples of well-known movements. But can you name a few movements in the Bible?” This was the question I posed to our 8 student leaders from UCT and UWC. They excitedly mentioned few spiritual movements recorded in the Bible – Jesus and his disciples, Paul and the recently named “Christians”, even Joshua and the Israelites marching around Jericho. It was fun to ponder what tweets and hashtags might have gone around during that time including #JerichoMustFall. Students are a fun bunch of people and I find myself to privileged to work with this particular group because they are excited to serve God on their campuses. I was able to share with them about what a spiritual movement is like, particularly one that is led by their generation, a student-led spiritual movement. As they worked through scripture and case studies, I could see “the lightbulb go on” as they each realised – “This is MY campus, if the Gospel is to go out, I will see it done!”


Vincent and Rio play while their mommies teach

This training was hosted at the home of my friends and teammates Jerrah and Tammi Jackson whose son, Rio is Vincent’s closest friend. It was great to see them having fun – playing and running around while their mommies got to equip student leaders. It’s a life-on-life approach to ministry which, I pray that the students will catch and see that ministry doesn’t stop when you have a family.


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