Scaling the Wall

It’s the end of October and I can feel that everybody is doing the last hard push before the December holidays. We too are counting down all the tasks, events and planning before our office closes for the year. Last week, we as a team had our plates full. Firstly, my colleague, Jerrah Jackson  (Jerrah is with Student-Led Movement in the Western Cape) received 5 individuals from his sending church in America, including the head pastor, to see how they can support the ministry here in the Western Cape, as well as building into Jerrah and his family.

The challenge was that a lot of their plans did not work out. I assisted in one of those plans on Thursday night. We did a JesusFilm showing in Khayelitsha in partnership with a local church. When I arrived there, the wind was coming strong through the area. Part of showing the JesusFilm was setting up a screen. We had to make a plan. The picture below is the end result. We could only start after 8pm, because the sun sets a bit later during summer time here in the Cape. But we started showing the film and 20 minutes in we lost half the crowd because the wind made it too cold.

With heavy hearts we packed up the equipment and joined the local pastor to pray with him. He shared with us that tonight was a victory. I felt it was a failure. So what made this a victory? He shared with us that the community has been rejecting the church’s attempt to get ground in that specific area and the fact that they allowed us to show the JesusFilm there was a big thing.


Another item on our plate last week was Global Leadership Summit (GLS). This has been an annual highlight for us for the past 3 years. It’s a 2 day video conference where we learn leadership principles that blow our minds. Jim Collins was one of the speakers and he shared a challenge that Tommy Coldwell did with the Dawn Wall. Tommy wanted to free climb this smooth mountain wall and knew that it was basically impossible. After 4 years Jim asked Tommy if he is going to give up, seeing that Tommy has been failing for 4 years. Tommy’s response was that he didn’t see it as failures, but rather opportunities of growth. Tommy did succeed at the end. From the conception of the idea until he succeed took him 2801 days. My rough math works it out to almost 8 years. What was more encouraging was that Tommy did not do it alone. He had a friend with him. The friend got stuck at a stage and Tommy climbed down to help his friend through the tough spots. They made it together.

Why is this so important to me right here and now?

I have my mountain wall called Indigitous. We have emailed and called a few of you regarding Indigitous cape town. I have been working on this conference for the past 3 months. It’s happening 21 November 2015. 90% of the time I feel like I am failing. I don’t have the experience. I don’t have the resources. I don’t have the manpower. No one has registered yet. And every time I realize that I have a shortcoming, I fight it, ignore it, rebuke it, and at last surrender it to God. The growth that has happened in me in the last 3 months regarding event planning is wonderful, but I know that I am only at the base of wall. There is still a long way to grow.

So please pray for me. Pray for Indigitous cape town. Pray that God will use this event to equip believers and to find men and women to come alongside me to scale this wall, to make disciples of Jesus by using the medium of technology.

Thank you for your prayers.



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