Sharing on CPUT

One of the most exciting things about being a part of the Campus Crusade for Christ team in the Western Cape is our monthly team evangelism day. This is when our various ministry strategy teams (high school, university, church ministry etc.) band together to share our faith in one particular area. This past Monday we focused on Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), Cape Town Campus. A big part of our focus was to find a person of peace. A person of peace is mentioned in Luke 10:6-11 where Jesus gave specific instructions to His disciples to minister in (and even receive hospitality from) an area where there is a person of peace – essentially a key person or persons of influence who will give us  spiritual access to that town or area.

We met in front of the student centre and then went out in pairs. I partnered up with Marais, who is involved with CrossRoads. It was amazing to see how he shares his faith and dogmatically sticks to the 4 Spiritual Laws booklet. I, on the other hand when using the booklet enjoy pausing and explaining a few things along the way. I like to make sure that the person understands the bigger Christian words like grace.


At the end of our sharing time, I met a student named Zama. He goes to church, but could not explain clearly what he believed. So I started sharing the 4 Spiritual Laws. I barely got to my second point and Zama’s friend sat down and listened in. Behind me I noticed another guy sitting closer and closer as I progressed through the booklet. After sharing the scriptures about being saved, I came to the part where the person needs to look at the circle diagrams and indicate which one they think best represents their life. Both Zama and his friend, Khanyiso, said that they are in the right circle – the Christ-directed life. My follow-up question was, “if you would die on Friday night or just now, how sure are you that you would have eternal life?” Both were not 100% sure. So I shared with them 1 John 5:11-13 to help them understand what the Bible says about eternal life.

I got both their details and Khanyiso looked very interested, but he felt that since he stayed such a distance away from campus, it would be difficult for us to disciple him. Fortunately, our CCC student-led team have missionaries who do that – disciple students from a distance.  I am trusting that Khanyiso might be a person of peace on this campus. Pray that God would give me the wisdom on how to communicate and that all the men that we shared with on Monday would discover God and grow in their faith.




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