July – The month of transition

It feels like every time we give you an update, something has changed and July is no different.

Prayer for home church 02Firstly, we have made the difficult decision of leaving the church that we have been a part of for the past 5 years. This was hard for us especially because we found great community there. We sought out wise counsel in and outside the church and came to the conclusion that our time at The Father’s House has come to an end. We have mixed emotions regarding this move, for we are sad to leave, but excited for the new adventure that God is taking us on. We are currently visiting another church closer to our new home.

Prayer for the moveNot only are we moving from our spiritual home, but our physical one as well. Yes, we are moving. Due to a few reasons (rent and space) we have taken the plunge and will be moving at the end of July, a few days from now. It is a beautiful garden cottage with a garden for Vincent to play and a little bit more space for us to live in. Pravani is also excited to host guests so please give us a call if you want to come and spend some time with us.

Pravani and Lydia



Now on the ministry side of things there are also a few developments. Last month Pravani officially handed her responsibility over to Lydia Ratshosa as the National Team Leader of Student-Led Movement (SLM). Pravani has joined in with the Western Cape SLM team as a campus field staff member and will be coaching Lydia through email, phone calls and Skype.

DSC_0849On my side of ministry I have been blessed to buy a new laptop to be able to do the projects I am planning for Digital Strategy. I am currently learning the basics of video editing from my colleague Jerrah Jackson. Jerrah has been making videos to get more exposure for Campus Crusade for Christ here in the Western Cape. My focus will be to make video testimonials to use as an online evangelism tool. I have found a great website/app to share these videos for others to use as well.

We are grateful for the time you spend reading our updates and praying for us. It truly makes a difference in our daily lives. Thank you.



One thought on “July – The month of transition

  1. Wow! Tons of changes. Thanks for the update, we are excited to see how God blessed you with a new church community, friends, and home to host people.

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