Our Legacy

“I’m realising more and more that people are my legacy. The relationships I’ve built into will outlast me, so the best place to invest is in people, not in things.”

These have been the musings of my father recently, nuggets of wisdom that a dad passes on to his daughter. I am beginning to see the truth of his words in the meetings we’ve been having with our current ministry partners. These are the silent heroes behind the work we do. Not only do they change lives by investing in our ministry but they are busy writing with their own ministry stories too. Take for example, Gus. A short visit in his home helped give us insight into what it’s like being Christian voice in the workplace, a servant-heart husband and dad at home and an active member at church. We chatted back and forth about the struggle of many Christian businessmen wanting to shine their light for Jesus in the workplace without having to be loud and bombastic. Gus’s story touched our hearts and reminded us that our ministry partners are our fellow brothers in arms, fighting the good fight to see God’s kingdom come. Friends, by praying for us, encouraging us and even giving financially, you are sharing in our legacy – the legacy we pass on from our Father in heaven.

Speaking of that legacy, let me share what happened recently. Nicholas, Vincent and I visited a lady who was referred to us by a ministry partner. We arranged a meeting with her to challenge her to join our team of ministry partners. Let’s call her Bee. Bee is a sweet, quiet woman with a beautiful smile. She welcomed us into the boardroom at her workplace and allowed us to tell her about our ministry (even though Vincent constantly wanted cuddles and attention, to which she obliged). Nicholas showed her our evangelistic tract – The Four Spiritual Laws in order to demonstrate how we share the Gospel with others. He proceeded to share more about our ministry and also shared his salvation testimony. He then asked her about her spiritual journey, to which she answered, ” Its similar to the place you were at when you were 16, I grew up in a religious home but had never made the decision to accept Christ into my heart.” Nicholas and I looked at each other and then swopped seats. Looking at her in the eyes I asked, “Bee, would you like to make that decision today?” I read to her a suggested prayer of salvation and she indicated that it expressed the desire of her heart. We prayed together and her life was forever changed that day because Jesus had become the Lord of her life!

imageFriends, do you see that legacy? Our ministry partner made the connection happen, your prayers took us there and God used us to be a mouthpiece to bring a daughter home. What is left to say? A big thank you! Thank you  for allowing us to be a part of your legacy and you ours. If you live in the Western Cape and have seen us recently, thank you for inviting us into your homes or workplaces to share our personal update with you. If you haven’t had us give you a personal update, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

Please continue praying for us!



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