Babies don’t keep


Every mom has her mantra to keep her going. The above poem has been mine. I often find myself holding Vincent a little closer these days because he has gone from a sleepy, dependent infant to a crawling, wriggling, weaned toddler before my very eyes. On my last update, he was 9 months old and stuck in reverse gear with his crawling. Now he is crawling in every direction and exploring every corner of our little apartment. It’s wonderful to watch him grow – seeing him carefully negotiating his steps from one piece of furniture to the next and looking at me with a toothy grin when he gets there successfully. Oh and that’s another development! Mister now has four teeth, and is testing them on anything he can – including our bathroom mat. So if there’s too much silence and I can’t find Vincent, the first place I run to is the bathroom!funny-baby-quotes-for-kids-3 Speaking of running, I’m continuing to do most of my work at home on my laptop while Vincent sleeps (most of the time this allows me to either do one email, one load of dishes&laundry or one batch of baby food twice a day). It is for this reason that I am now in the process of transitioning out of my current role as the national co-ordinator for our Student-Led Movement. I will instead be a coach to the next person who will take on the role. There is a prospective young lady waiting in the wings but nothing is final yet. I’m excited about her focus, vision and passion and I’m thrilled at the prospect of coaching her. We had the privilege of celebrating Vincent’s first birthday on 25 April 2015. If it were up to me, I would’ve rented a whole tent and invited EVERYBODY! Funny enough, our narrow list of invitees amounted to more than our wedding! Every person who attended contributed something towards a fully-catered, well-decorated, fun-filled celebration of love. Our hearts were filled with gratitude for everyone who just loved on our little guy. The best part of our celebration was watching Vincent eat his first cupcake! Prior to this the only sugar he got was in the fruit we gave him. It was the most fun, precious moment of the day and as a mom, I just had to hold back the tears, tucking these moments into my heart. Our good friend Sarah Thoms was our photographer for the day and she did a stunning job. Here are just a few of the pictures she took:

Here’s a very special video that a friend of ours, Jerrah Jackson created to capture that special day:

Prayer Requests:

Praise the Lord, He answered your prayers for a bigger car! We got the car we were trusting God for and got the very best! Thank you friends, we could not do this without your contribution! Pray that Vincent would remain a healthy, happy child and that Nicholas and I would raise him in a way that pleases the Lord. Pray for my transition from national team leader of the Student-Led Movement to being a coach for the young lady who will take over. I would appreciate your prayers for her and for this transition period.

With love,



One thought on “Babies don’t keep

  1. Nicholas and Pravani. Thanks for your updates on what is happening in your lives and with Vincent’s growing highlights. Kids are a gift from God but what a responsibility. As grandparents, my wife (Lynnett) and I ask God how we can best influence them and take all the opportunities they give us to be Jesus to them. Of course praying for them is central to all this. Pravani, all the best with your season of being a coach to your successor and I trust that God will use and bless you and hubby in all that lies in the future for you. Enjoy the new car! You are in my prayers.

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