Eventful April

I knew that the month of April was going to be eventful, what I didn’t expect was the mental strain I would experience. The week following easter I had the responsibility to oversee the technical aspects of our National staff conference hosted in Port Shepstone. Pravani and I took on the adventure of driving up to Port Shepstone over Easter weekend and what an adventure it was taking Vincent on this road trip! As I manned the sound desk, checked media, relayed instructions from the program team, I allowed myself to react to challenges and not plan my day well. I know I missed out on key moments at the conference, but what I did experience I truly valued. I interacted with staff from all over the country by sitting at a different table every meal to meet someone I haven’t interacted with yet. Hearing their experiences in ministry and life was just amazing. To think that I work not to earn a salary, but make disciples. True followers of Jesus Christ. I see other men and women do it and I am grateful that I am not alone. So even though I felt like I was working in the shadows and missing out, God still opened my eyes to the great wonders that He is doing.

CCCSA Staff conderence 2015

The second conference I attended was named Indigitous. Basically a word play on “digital” and “indigenous”. Getting exposed to how people are doing ministry using technology, social media, videos and a few other interesting lessons. The main speaker was Phil Cooke and I was blown away by the two sessions he presented. I took notes and can’t wait to practice what he has taught us.

Indigitous Pretoria

One of my team leaders has been coaching me for the past 2 years. One of the skills that she has taught me is how to give clear and thoughtful feedback. And I had to practice it this month. The ability to uplift instead of break down. To give critique to improve instead of discourage. To know when to say I am wrong and not to say I don’t care.

I am not perfect. I need your prayers. We need your prayers. Currently I am receiving more responsibilities in the organisation and being a husband to Pravani and a father to Vincent, I need to keep my mind clearer and priorities in front of me. So pray that I will take my thoughts captive, give focus in the right areas at the right time and that I will be the man God intended for me to be.

Thank you for your time and prayers,



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