Working while waiting

There are two types of waiting; sitting passively (sometimes anxiously) expecting something to happen and then there’s waiting like a waiter – serving while trusting God, Pravani and I are in a season of waiting and to be honest, sometimes we swing between both definitions.

As most of you know, Pravani and I are working on our Ministry Partner Development (MPD) so that we can do the work God has given us to do. The hard part at the moment is that until we reach 100% of our MPD goal, we feel like we are missing out on what God is doing through our team here in the Western Cape.

Last week our team did something so out-of-the-box that only God could make it work. They called it Catalytic Week. We have 2 strategies in the Student-Led Movement (SLM). First we have Base Campuses where staff are working full-time on a campus. Secondly we have the Catalytic campuses where we trust that we will find a person of peace (Luke 10:5-7) that can connect us to 5 Christians on a campus, where we can train them up and distance coach them to reach their campus for Christ.

So with Catalytic week the Western Cape SLM team split up in to 3 teams with the focus of finding a person of peace on 40 different campuses within 5 days. Some team mates drove as far as George and Oudtshoorn to visit campuses. The messages I saw on our WhatsApp group encouraged us so much and allowed us to cheer them on. The team met lecturers and students who were excited to hear about our ministry. It didn’t happen on every campus, and that’s fine. They were looking to see where God want us to work. During our Friday prayer time we drove with them to different campuses, prayed for the campus and then trusted with the SLM team to meet a person of peace. It was amazing to see how God answered our prayers on 2 of the 3 campuses. I have inserted a one minute video just to show how exciting this is.

Please pray for the Western Cape SLM Team that they will be able to follow up with the contacts they made and that movements will start on the different campuses.

Also pray that Pravani and I will be on a 100% of our goal, so that we can continue the work God has given us. Pray also that in this season of waiting upon the Lord through actively raising our support that we will be energised by what God is doing in us and through us – God often uses these meetings as ministry opportunities.

With love in Christ



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