Updates on our little Kelderman and a few things to pray for

How is Vincent?

Whenever we hear these words, our hearts are filled with gratitude. Thank you for your visits, smses, calls and in general your love for and interest in Vincent. He is saying goodbye to infancy and edging closer to toddlerhood – oh boy, we’re fastening our seatbelts! He has learned the art of the backwards crawl:

















He loves food, other babies, splashing in the pool and playing with noisy toys, his red ball and the TV remote. Then of course there’s all the games and shenanigans with his dad! We haven’t seen any teeth sprout yet but they’re certainly on their way.


Prayer Requests:

  • As Vincent gets older and we trust God for more children, we see that our humble Toyota Tazz is no longer able to meet our growing needs. We will soon be selling our car in the hope of buying another. Please pray with us in this regard, we are trusting God for a low-mileage sedan with adequate boot space at a good price.
  • 2015 is a year of much transition for us ministry-wise. Nicholas will be more involved with Digital Strategy and I will learn how to coach and work with my new team. Pray for discernment and strength to obey Him.

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