Train ride to Gauteng

During December Pravani, Vincent and I took the train to Gauteng. The reason for this “Groot Trek” was to visit our ministry partners and to spend quality time with family over a 5-week period.

We focused the first 3 weeks of our stay on ministry partners. Our main reason was to introduce Vincent and show that he truly does like smiling (for all of you that follow us on Facebook). We also got to update our ministry partners regarding the ministry and find out how they are doing. It was great to see them enjoy Vincent and vice versa but more especially to hear how God is working in their lives, we were encouraged to hear their stories of faith. It felt like we drove through the entire province, but each appointment was worth it.

Ministry Partners with Vincent

The last 2 weeks was focused on family and rest. Spending time my family was so special. My dad and Vincent had laughing competitions until my dad couldn’t laugh any more. Pravani’s parents enjoyed feeding Vincent and playing with noisy toys to Vincent’s heart’s content. Aunts and uncles want to hold and play with him. Cousins just want play and see what he can do. All and all this was a blessed time.


Getting back on the train to Cape Town was hard. Extra luggage after Christmas and people blessing Vincent gave me more work to do, but we do miss our Gauteng family and friends and we look forward to the next time we will meet. But in the meantime there is Skype, Facebook, whatsapp and telephones. We will keep in touch and hope that you will do the same.

With love in Christ,



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