Job for 1 or a job for 4?

What was life and ministry like before Vincent?

In a word, busy. I know that most people claim to live busy lives and I’m not the exception but Nic would often make the comment, “We might need to start having kids so that I can have my wife at home!” I hadn’t realised the full extent of my workload until I had to share it with others during my maternity leave. Now, being a mom of a 9-month old, the pace isn’t slowing. By God’s grace and perfect timing, He has brought me a team with unique gifts, skills and personalities to step up to the plate and lead with me. And what a delightfully diverse team we are! There’s Lydia Ratshosa who is the still, deep water of our team. She was involved with our ministry as a student, then as an intern on University of Pretoria and now a full-time missionary. Thabiso Mahlangu – the self-proclaimed Mr Cool with a contagious enthusiasm, he was involved with CCC at Disneyland and came home to serve in the motherland, he served as an intern on WITS university and now has joined full-time as well. Leon Best our American brother-from-another-mother who has been on staff for 15 years with CCC. He serves as the provincial team leader for our campuses in the Western Cape as well as being our national catalytic coordinator (distance-coaching students to lead movements on campuses we cannot get to). He is here with his beautiful wife and three children and will be serving in SA for as long as the Lord says so. I appreciate his experience and wisdom.


An African proverb states that if you want to go faster, go alone, but if you want to go further, go together. Fortunately, now that I have a national team, by the power of the Holy Spirit within us, we’ll go further and faster in seeing more students being reached for Jesus this year!

Thanks for your prayers!

Pravani Kelderman


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