Team Retreat

One of the hard things in any business is for all the departments in the company to work together. The more departments there are, the harder it becomes. In the Western Cape Province we have 6 departments or what we call strategies focusing on doing ministry in different areas of life.

We have a few ways of getting team unity and collaboration between these strategies. We pray together every Friday morning, the last Friday of the month we have a provincial meeting to update, equip and encourage each other and at the end of the year we have a team retreat.

SunsetOur team retreat happened last week Wednesday and Thursday. At last year’s team retreat we created a strategic plan for this year, so we reviewed the strategic plan and observed where we succeeded and where we failed. We re-evaluated the plan and made adjustments where needed. It was really encouraging to see the areas of growth that happened this year and encouraged us for the plans we made last year.

Western Cape TeamWe also worked through tough questions to determine areas where we as a team need to grow and what the best next step should be for us to move forward to be more effective. We did a few team building exercises that brought things to light that we don’t always notice. Who do we listen to? Who doesn’t feel heard? Who doesn’t trust their team mates? Why do we listen to some and not others? The list can go on and on, but the important part is what we do with that information.

DevotionalI had the opportunity to do a devotional on the Thursday morning. God laid it on my heart to challenge the team regarding our heart attitude when we are doing ministry. Are we doing it to please or impress people, or are our reasons to please and glorify God. The scripture I used was 1Samuel 13:7-14. Saul’s disobedience and fear cost him and his descendants rule over Israel. And it was all about his heart attitude. So it was hard and challenging for everybody in the room to ask the question – am I doing ministry to please man or God? Am I doing the work I am doing to please man or to honor God?

Please pray that in this season of Ministry Partnership Development that our hearts will be aligned with God and that our direction for next year will be clear.

If you have any prayer requests, please send it via email or Whatsapp to us.

Have a great festive season.



One thought on “Team Retreat

  1. Hi Nic and Pravani

    I am so blessed by your posts and how you have both stayed true to your call since the beginning. I learned a lot in my time with you all and would like to bless you also from time to time financially.  Isaiah 54:10. I’ve been asking the Lord to increase my capacity in heart and in faith to give please pray this with me also.  Regards Robynlee Samuels

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