Grandparents, Cousins and Ministry Partners – Vincent is enjoying Gauteng!

“Mommy, who are these people?” During the next couple of weeks, our son will have met dozens of people who are very close to our heart – grandparents, cousins, friends and you – the people who make it possible for us to tell people about Jesus. From 24 November until 14 December we will be making appointments to visit our ministry partners in Gauteng to give an update on what is happening ministry-wise but also see them share in the joy of meeting our son, Vincent. With smiles, giggles and gurgles, this young man enjoys meeting people and is already living out the words from God spoken over his life when he was still in the womb – he will bring people together. He is growing up fast but we are enjoying him every minute with him. If you live in Gauteng, please give us a space in your schedule, we would love to see you.


Vincent with his grandparents

Vincent meets his oupa (Nic’s dad) for the first time

Vincent with his grandparents

Vincent enjoying a few giggles with my parents


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