Me? A leader? Naah, those days are over! I’m a mom now

I write this update as I sit on my couch watching Vincent rocking himself in his car seat, occasionally attempting to put his foot in his mouth and of course, talking to himself J

The thought often crosses my mind, “What do I have to offer now?” Not so long ago I was putting together Powerpoint presentations, casting vision, strategizing with my team, walking from my laptop to the office kitchen in my high heels unable to stop the gears in my head churning ideas of how to see spiritual student-led movements everywhere in South Africa. I burned with passion.

But it seems my leadership days are over – flip flops instead of heels, baby magazines instead of Systematic Theology and mommy groups instead of staff meetings.

WRONG!!! This weekend, the Holy Spirit grabbed me by the lapels, (almost like Jesus did with Peter, James and John) shook me and said… “Wake up, stop sleeping, I’ve got work for you to do!” Well, of course, Jesus didn’t do it that way with His disciples but there was a stirring in my heart as I listened to Bill Hybels, Carly Fiorina, Tyler Perry and many other speakers talking with such passion about having crucial conversations, serving, leading where you’re at and letting your life count. This is why, for the past 3 years, Nicholas and I have never missed the Global Leadership Summit. Practical, powerful and relevant talks, resources and discussions where held over two days as we gathered at the Common Ground Church to attend this conference with our Western Cape team.

GLS2014 - CCC Western Cape Team

GLS2014 – CCC Western Cape Team


GLS2014 Speakers 001

I had the privilege of listening to these talks from the mother’s room (how strange my reality has become with a baby in tow!) and even discussing these leadership principles with the moms, especially my good friend Tammi Jackson who is also a CCC mom. We talked about how privileged we are to raise the next generation of gentlemen in Christ and how we can even go on campus soon so that our boys can see how much a part of our ministry and lives they are.

I’m slowly learning that motherhood isn’t the brake pedal on my leadership journey, it’s just another passenger that the Lord has added to my car. I will lead “on the way” so that I will never allow myself to see my family as being “in the way”.

I want to take this moment to encourage you. Leaders are made, not born. True leaders never give up on their own development. Keep reading, listening to sermons and talks while you’re driving in the car or vacuuming the floor. Talk to others about what you’re learning (they may NEED to hear it!), take time to invest in relationships (have the conversations that matter) work on your character (decide to be better) and never allow yourself to be immutable (that’s God’s job).

“Everyone wins when a leader gets better.”  Bill Hybels

For more information on the summit go to

GLS2014 - Kelderman family


  • Please pray that while I continue with my CCC ministry and be a mom to Vincent and a wife to Nicholas, that I will keep my eyes on Jesus as my reward.
  • Pray that as Nicholas and I listen to the talks we heard at GLS (we bought the audios), that the leadership principles will sink in and we’ll be changed by them.
  • Pray for our time of annual leave coming up soon that we will take rest as a family and bond well.

Love and blessings,



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