Prayer drive from Darling to Yzerfontein

The first Tuesday in October Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) has a Worldwide Day of Prayer (WDOP). A week or so prior to the event we send in our prayer requests to the national prayer coordinator and on the day we receive the main points of different countries that we can pray for.

IMAG1952The Western Cape team likes to make prayer an active process/adventure. We go into an area to pray through the list of CCC prayer requests and afterwards we pray for the community of that area.

IMAG1953On Tuesday morning we left our office in Tygervalley and drove through to Darling, a small town north of Cape Town. We started off with coffee and rusks, and praying through our CCC international prayer requests. Two and a half hours later we had a quick lunch to sustain us. We drove to a small parking lot in the middle of town, broke up into small groups and started prayer driving.


The map for our prayer drive

Jerrah Jackson (a colleague of mine) and I dropped our wives off at a house so they can feed our babies and we start driving. As we drove, we prayed for things that God laid on our hearts. We prayed for the local churches, businesses, the police and families. At some point Jerrah and I saw a church building with no name. We stopped and Jerrah went to investigate. The build was a missions church started in 1927. The man we spoke to has a heart for God and his focus is worship music. We prayed for him and continued on our prayer drive.

IMAG1966After returning from our 90minute prayer drive, we left Darling and drove through to Yzerfontein, a small coastal town 25km away from Darling. We received a map of the town and started prayer driving again. Jerrah and I decided to go to the harbour and pray from there. Pravani, Vincent and I prayer walked on the dock, being able to see half of Yzerfontein.

After an hour we all came back together and drove through to a farm and enjoyed swallowship (fellowship with food). We enjoyed a lekker snoek and shared stories around the fire. After eating we left to go home to enjoy a well deserved rest.

If you are on twitter and curious what staff prayed for, you are welcome to look up the hash tag #WDOP2014. Its exciting to observe what our staff are doing around the world and a privilege to tarry with them in prayer. At stages when I didn’t know what to pray for, I looked at the twitter feed and prayed accordingly.

What can you pray for the Keldermans:IMAG1970

  • We are still finding Ministry Partners and have only received 15% of our goal in pledges. Pray that we will reach our goal by December.
  • Pray for the strategy that God is laying on my heart regarding Digital Strategies.
  • Pravani and I will on leave for 2 weeks in the beginning of November, pray that we rest well.
  • Praise God that Vincent is healthy and friendly.
  • If you have any prayer requests or praise points, please let us know.




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