Epiphany on Tygerberg

We have been going through a season of big changes. Vincent becoming part of our lives, Pravani learning to balance motherhood and work, and I am finding my feet in Digital Strategy. This is all very exciting and exhausting. And while we get so busy adapting to the changes, we sometimes lose sight of why we are doing what God has called us to.


So a few days ago I went up a mountain in Tygerberg Nature Reserve and just spent time with God. In my quiet time I felt lead to read Matt 28. While read it I became intrigued with the resurrection account. So I read the other gospels and made observation notes of each account. The basic similarities are that Mary Magdalene and a few ladies went on the third day to anoint Jesus’ body, but when they got to the grave, the grave was empty. Angels appeared to them sharing that Jesus has risen. The ladies left to go and tell the disciples what they experienced.

So I asked God what He wants to reveal to me through these scriptures. His answer was the empty grave.

ttr-grave-clothsI spent a few days wrestling with the words “empty grave”. On Friday I attended an event where the speaker asked key questions that we needed to discus around the tables. At my table a lady asked “what is the gospel?” And that’s when it made sense. We often are so focused on the cross that we forget about the empty grave. That is the good news. Jesus is alive. Death could not hold him.

Why was this such an epiphany? When I share my faith I touch on this point. Jesus died for our sins and He rose again. I know it so well. The reason God shared this with me, was to get my focus right. My focus recently was on the tasks I had to do instead of the bigger picture, to share the good news of the empty grave like Mary Magdalene and the other ladies did.

Knowing the bigger picture helps to create tasks/steps to help get the job done. I am specifically trusting God for clear steps in Digital Strategy, trusting Him for an outcome that will glorify Him.

Please pray that we keep our focus on Jesus and that all these changes will not distract us from the plan he has for us.
Pravani and I are now focusing on expanding our team of Ministry Partners. Please pray that we will be faithful in making phone calls, clear in our presentations and diligent in our follow-up.

If you have any comments or prayer requests, please email or whatsapp us.

Thank you,



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