Second term 2014 update

Good day Ministry Partners
SLM team on UWCI have been spending my campus hours on the University of the Western Cape (UWC). Currently we are a team of 4 sharing our faith and looking for student leaders to train on pioneering a spiritual movement on their campus. On the ladies side the ministry is blossoming. They have Tuesday Bible study meetings at lunch time and had 15 ladies attending the last meeting. On the men’s side we are having challenges getting a follow-up appointment or beginning Wednesday bible study meetings. So please pray that Leon and I will have better success next term. We are trusting God for a balanced ministry.

witnessing on UWCAs the Western Cape team we do a monthly outreach together to expose us to each other’s ministry strategies and give us the opportunity to work together. So during March we spent a day on UWC. I partnered up with Marais Koeglenberg who focuses on CrossRoads ministry – a character development program based on Jesus’ character. We had great conversations and led a young man to Christ! The next outreach was in Delft. We did a film showing at the community center. The film is called Magdalena and is a telling of the story of Jesus in the book of Luke through the character of Mary Magdalene. I was in charge of technical and setup. During the showing we exposed just over a hundred individuals to Christ and about 18 Magdalena showing in Delftmade a choice to give their lives to Christ. At these film showings we train and empower the local church to conduct the witnessing and follow up. Our team leader Rose trained the church that conducted the follow-up of this film showing.
In this season of doing ministry and being a new dad, I ask you to keep us in your prayers. The enemy is here to steal, kill and destroy. But we are here to share the life- giving love of Jesus Christ. Pray that we stay encouraged, focused on God and protected from that which is not from God.


P.S. I love fatherhood – makes it hard to leave home. Pray for that too.


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