Working together Internationally

We have shared with you that Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) is an international organization. One of the great ways we work together is by sending students on short term outreaches. To send a group of students blindly into a foreign country isn’t always a good idea so we make sure that each short term outreach is led by a team of CCC missionaries. These missionary teams send out a vision trip team a few months in advance to work well with the locals to ensure that the project is a success and is mutually beneficial for both countries.

We received such a team last week from Colorado USA. They are preparing for a short-term outreach to Cape Town in July and came on a vision trip this month to prepare the way. Here are a few things that we shared as the receiving team:

  1.        Our vision and direction as Student-Led Movement of CCC and the CCC movement in general in the Western Cape region.
  2.        Exposing them to our community ministry where they will be doing community work.
  3.        Exposing them to our campuses, so they can see how we do ministry here.
  4.        Teaching them about the diverse culture of South Africa.
  5.        Sharing in our culture by giving them a taste of different African foods.

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We are trusting that in this one week we have prepared them to do ministry here for a month. Pray with us that God will prepare their hearts and minds as they make their way to Cape Town.

This partnership does not just help us (giving us more manpower in that month to reach our students and community for Christ), but also benefits the people being sent. When the students get back to their campuses in the USA, they will be trained on how to share their faith, exposed to a greater worldview and on fire to make a difference for God.

Trust with us that both the Colorado and the Western Cape teams will be prepared for the July Project and that God will raise up South African and American leaders who want to make a difference for Christ.



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