What is DMPD?

During the month of February, we as the Western Cape Team worked through a course called Discipleship Ministry Partner Development (DMPD). As you know, we as staff with Campus Crusade for Christ need to develop a team of ministry partners who invest financially in us as missionaries and the work we do. These finances are used for salary and ministry expenses.


Learning the theory

The first week of this course was focused on developing the material and skill we will need to do DMPD. Creating what we call the photo album, to help share an all-round picture not just about our ministry, but also about Campus Crusade for Christ as a international organization. I had to learn how to do phone calls. I don’t like making calls, because I don’t always know how to say what I need to say. At the DMPD course they thought us how to say what needs to be said. Now I make a call with more boldness, which is a point of growth on my side.


Practicing the phone call with a friend

During the two weeks that followed the week-long training we made appointments with people in Cape Town and challenged them to join our Ministry Team. This is very similar to evangelism. There are various types of people we encounter: you have people that don’t like what you’re telling them; you have people that are hearing about this for the first time and then you get people who have heard this before (it’s similar to the response we see when we share the Gospel with others).


What to remember during your phone call.

How people react is always a surprise. Once again it’s like our ministry with students. Some you can see are not interested, some look excited and you never hear from them again, some are excited about what we do and they either join our team or share that they are already supporting other Christian initiatives. At the end of the day our faith and trust is in God. We have encountered some appointments that have lifted our spirits no matter what their response because the relationship established was worth more than their response to our challenge. We are energized and excited.

Some would say that DMPD is good practice for initiative evangelism or ministry. I believe it is ministry – an extension of the work we do on campus. By sending newsletters like this one, meeting face to face, sending a text message and receiving messages; we minister to each other. It is not just us sharing with you about what God is going, but us hearing from you what God is doing on your side. We pray for you and you pray for us. This is a partnership.


Western Cape Staff and volunteers

So thank you for partnering with us. Some have been partnering for over 10 years, others 1 or 2 months. But we are thankful and grateful for each and every one of you.



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