Stepping into our new roles

It’s mid-March and already so much has happened (praise God!). During the end of last year, Nicholas and I shared with you that our roles in CCC will be changing. I will be stepping into the role of mom (exciting!) and taking more of a back-seat distance coaching role with CCC’s Student-led Movement (SLM) and Nicholas will be putting one foot in our Digital Strategies ministry while still having the other in SLM in the Western Cape. We have already begun the first steps towards those roles and it is so fulfilling to see what God is doing.

Stint orientationThe first step towards my new journey of distance coaching has begun with exposing two of our young dynamic staff to the role of leading SLM with a national perspective, with the hope that soon, one of them will be my successor. Their names are Thabiso Mahlangu and Lydia Ratshosa. Thabiso has started to represent me at some of our national meetings and is learning how to be a part of the bigger national team. Lydia got some hands-on exposure at one of our annual national events called the Stint Orientation (4-6 Feb 2014). This is where the national SLM team leader (that’s me, currently) helps our foreign recruits learn how to serve for a year in South Africa. It is an opportunity to cast vision for what is going on nationally as well to help train these STINTs (short-term internationals) learn how to do day-to-day ministry (see things through a South-African’s eyes, gain perspective on our beliefs, values, environment etc.). Lydia did an excellent job at helping to give cultural perspective and was a keen observer as she learned from me how to cast vision for the national direction. I was blessed to have Nicholas and our Western Cape team leader (Rose Thompson) there, adding their experience and expertise to the mix as well.

Software trainingNicholas also got a toe-in-the-water for his future role with Digital Strategies by conducting a training for our Western Cape team. He helped them understand how to use a database tool called TNTMPD which is tailor-made for our missionaries to help them keep all their information regarding their ministry partners (that’s you!) in a central location on their laptop. This is particularly helpful for those of us whose admin skills are lacking and have papers everywhere! Nicholas did a great job teaching missionaries of all ages, teaching them something that may seem daunting actually be so easy to use.

With love,



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