IBS: Introduction to Christian Theology

Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) has an in-house training called Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS). Since we moved to Cape Town, Pravani and I have been doing one module a year to grow in our understanding of our faith. This past January the module we did is called Introduction to Christian Theology. The lesson was put together by Alan Scholes, an author and staff member of CCC in the USA.

Enjoying God The Artful Dodger

Part of the course work is to read through two books, namely Enjoying God and The Artful Dodger, both books by Alan Scholes. In Enjoying God, Alan starts of with explaining the differences between Convictions, Persuasions and Opinions regarding our faith. Convictions are points that we as Christian need to agree on, for instance that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that He is the only way to God. Convictions have a direct influence on your understanding of your salvation. Persuasions have more to do with your on personal understanding of scripture. As you learn more regarding scripture and your walk in your faith, your persuasions grow and change over time. Opinions are a personal stand point that you take in life which you can’t force unto others, for instance living a celibate life or getting married. It’s a choice that you should not force unto others. Fights happen in the church body because people take opinions or persuasions and treat them like convictions. My advice is to get the book, because I cannot do it justice in this small insert. It explains Christian Theology in words that don’t confuse me. It’s a great book to recommend especially to those you know who are scientifically minded but are searching for God.

Sitting in a lesson

Over a two-week period we sat in lessons learning about different “ologies”, for example:

  • Christology (study of Christ)
  • Soteriology (study of our salvation)
  • Pneumatology (study of the Holy Spirit)
  • Peripatology (study of our walk in the spirit).

There are many more and we just scratched the surface. So Pravani and I are no experts, but learnt so much. Elspeth and Rose, our lecturers, did a great job in giving this introduction.

Class mates

Coming up in our schedule for February is the following:

  • Receiving and Orientating Stinters (Short Term International staff) to help on different campuses in South Africa
  • Ministry Partners Development
  • Connecting with our students from last year, giving them vision and direction for 2014.

Please pray for us during this busy month.




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