Magdalena Premiere in Xhosa

How would you attempt to communicate your faith to someone who cannot read and does not speak your language?

Fortunately in a technical era, those obstacles are slowly but surely being overcome. In 1979 Campus Crusade for Christ produced The Jesus Film which is a word-for-word film depiction of the story of Jesus as told in the book of Luke. This film has been translated into over 1000 languages so that people who cannot read or speak English are able to see and hear the Gospel in their own venacular! The Jesus Film has since sparked off many other productions including a beautiful movie called Magdalena. It portrays the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene, and demonstrates how He values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interaction with them.


This past Saturday, 5 October, we were able to premiere the showing of Magdalena in isiXhosa to over a hundred city-influencers who will hopefully use this tool to reach many people in the Western Cape. I took a few students along to the premiere and on the drive back home they were enthusiastically sharing about how God spoke to them through the film and how this film is going to impact many lives.


SONY DSCThis proved true as we showed the film in a field in Khayelitsha the following night. Eyes lit up as each person heard and saw the Gospel in their own language and several people indicated that they wanted to receive Jesus as their personal savior. We did the film showing in partnership with a local church – The Army of God Revival Ministry – who will be meeting with each person who gave their hearts to Jesus. 

SONY DSC 20131006212749-2

Please pray for those who attended the premiere – that they will spread the word about this film and use it for God’s glory. Pray also for those in Khayelitsha who watched the film on Sunday – that they will grow in their faith and influence others for Jesus.

With love,



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