World Day of Prayer – October 2013

WWDoP_Fall2013_Web3On the first of October we had our World Day of Prayer. Campus Crusade for Christ has this event twice a year, the last Tuesday in April and the first Tuesday in October. We pray for our fellow staff members across the world, just as they are praying on that day.

IMAG0032Our prayer coordinator, Sue, started a process where we use this day to not just pray for our co-workers, but also to go and pray on site at places in the Western Cape Province where we know bad things are happening. On this occasion we prayed in Mannenburg. The news was full of the gang violence that is plaguing this suburb in Cape Town. So we partnered with a Church and prayed for Mannenburg. One of the pastors took us to the local police station and created an opportunity for us to pray for the staff and against corruption.

It opened my eyes to what is happening; to see the faith the people have in God; to hear the challenges they experience and in turn showing them what God is doing across the world.

Trust with us that Mannenburg and the surrounding area will change to reflect the glory of God through His people.





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