Jesus is the answer to a changed life!!!!

How Sure Are You that You Have Eternal Life? This was the main focus of our campus bible study on the University of the Western Cape this week. As always, my time with Rochell, Alvia and Edwinia was as animated and fun as ever. Nearly every week these ladies astound me with feedback on how they are growing in Christ.


This week’s Bible study gave 5 points on how we can know we have eternal life. One of the points came from 2 Corinthians 5:17 – I am a new creation in Christ. Rochell gave a testimony of how she clearly saw this at a party she attended on the weekend. She shared about how people are so used to her being the life of the party – drinking excessively, pulling people onto the dance floor and going wild. Her friends and family were shocked at her refusing to drink this time but choosing to remain calm and friendly.

It was amazing to watch God reveal Himself in their hearts. This reminded me of the fact that everyone’s story is different but the awesome ability of God to change a person to be more like His Son is ever constant.alm but friendly. They even insisted on buying her drinks but she calmly refused because of her conviction from God. It was in this moment that Rochell got to see what her life was like before she met Christ and was grateful for how He changed her and how He is continually doing so.

Edwinia also got a revelation that day. In all our Bible studies we urge students to not always rely on their feelings but to look to God’s Word as the authority on what they can believe is true about their relationship with Jesus. At the Bible study, the students had to mark on a scale of 0-100% their assurance that if they would die today that they would be with Jesus. All the ladies marked 75% and this lead to an interesting discussion of “Is being saved enough? Or is there more I should be doing to earn eternal life?”  At some point in our discussion, Edwinia had a lightbulb moment. “Dont you see ladies?!!! If the Bible says in 1 John 5:11-13 that ‘if we have the Son we have eternal life’, then that’s all we need! I have the Son, therefore I have eternal life!!!!” Alvia takes our Bible study even further in her private Bible study where she takes the scriptures we read and rewrites each one in English and Afrikaans (her home language) so that she can truly understand what they mean.

And the growth continues even off campus – these ladies have attended several outreaches with CCC (see pictures below), seeking to serve God is whatever way He’ll use them. Pray with me for these lovely ladies, Rochell, Alvia and Edwinia – that they would continually mature in their faith and become more and more like Jesus.

 Bellville-20131024-00306 Bellville-20131023-00299 Khayelitsha-20130728-0019920131005220351



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