Pray for Conference, Project and Ministry Partners

Good day Ministry Partners,

Winter is in full swing in Cape Town and we are in admin mode. Students are writing exams and we are preparing for a few big events.

Office work

Firstly we have our national student conference called Ubuntu, that is happening from 25 to 28 June in Durban. We are trusting that we will have a 100 people at this conference to be equipped and encouraged to reach where ever they are others for Christ. Please pray that Pravani and I will have energy to keep up with the students and that God will raise up leaders that will make a difference for Christ.

When we get back from Ubuntu, we will be working with an American Project Team that consists out of 26 students and 7 staff. They will be working in the community for 2 weeks, doing holiday club and outreach events, and 2 weeks reaching out on the campuses, namely University of Cape Town and University of Western Cape. So this team will keep us busy for the month of July. So please pray that we will keep healthy boundaries, and that both we and the American team will do what God wants and not our man made plans.

The last point on my list is we need to grow our ministry team. Pravani went through training for the month of March, you can read Hello my name is…, and we need to implement what she trained for. So for the next two week we want to contact people in Cape Town. Do you know of Christians in Cape Town that would be interested in hearing about our ministry and would consider investing in us as their missionaries? Can’t think of anyone? How about looking prayerfully through this short checklist and see if you can give us names and numbers of people you know:

  •         Cellphone contacts – BBM or Whatsapp groups
  •         Friends at work
  •         Friends from high school or university
  •         Church – home groups / ministry teams
  •         Family
  •         Facebook friends (could you perhaps get their phone numbers for me?)

Please email me on

Thank you.

So please remember to pray for the Ubuntu Conference from 25 to 28 June, the American Project team and our Ministry Partner Development.

Have a great day.


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