Student Testimony – Shiniell Smith

Good day Ministry Partners,

Shiniell Smith is a key student leader at University of Western Cape. I asked him to share his testimony of what he has experienced through Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) so you can get a perspective from a student of what we are doing on campus.I trust you will enjoy the read.


23 May 2013

Dear CCC, Western Cape

It with great pleasure that I can attest to the wonderful work God has done through the hands of His workers at CCC Cape Town. My name is Shiniell Smith and I am a student studying Religion and Theology at the University of the Western Cape. I am in my final year and experiencing the given challenges of being a student.

I met the visiting crew from the States last year along with their guide and faithful missionary, Nicholas Kelderman. There are many “missionaries” walking on our campus grounds sharing their understanding of Christ in the weirdest sense. I had the craziest experiences with some people claiming there is a “Mother God” who would like to nurture me and be my “spiritual mom”. I made my mind up concerning missionaries and their crazy stories. It was when I met Nicholas, Rhett, Christian and Leon. These guys impacted my life in a great way. At first I was resistant to this idea of the Bible Study. “This is something I would not like to be part of” I thought to myself as I had a very bad experience on campus with a previous group who just went spiritually crazy!

As the weeks went on, I realised that these guys are genuine. They showed interest not only in my life, but my family and the other guys who were in the Bible study with us. I saw the hand of God in them. I saw the actual attribute of a “caring God” in those men. They gave me adequate training and though I was senior Theology student, I learn’t so many new things.

The training and material I received such as ‘The 4 Spiritual Laws’ and the 4 ‘Follow-Up booklets’. These materials have contributed to my spiritual life to a large extent. I was taken back to the simple things, the elementary things I thought I knew. I discovered new things and was taken back to the basic form of the Bible. With these materials that I received, I could implement at our Church’s Youth group. I started teaching them some of the topics of the follow up booklets and just last week two new youth members gave their hearts to Christ. I could share those booklets with them and now as they joined up with the new converts group, the church even started to use the 4 follow-up booklets as a basic introduction to their new convert classes.

Campus Crusade for Christ has impacted my life in a great way. I am much bolder as a leader now. I have learnt responsibility and accountability to my fellow brother. I thank God and CCC for sending us Nicholas! He is a faithful and just leader. He’s a great accountable partner and never shy’s away from telling us the truth. God bless him and enlarge his territory. May he be blessed with enough resources to fulfill God work on this earth.

Thanks so much & keep up the good work! 1 Cor. 15

Shiniell Smith

Shiniell Smith

BTh – Religion and Theology

University of the Western Cape



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