Flying solo, Equipping Leaders and Building Long-Distance Partnerships

We are at the end March and we are at the end of the first term of 2013. It has been a rollercoaster ride trying to balance 3 campuses, meeting with 15 students between the 3 campuses and learning about my new responsibilities as Provincial Student-Led Movement Team Leader for the Western Cape. That is a mouthful. I am currently without a team, but I am trusting God that I will have 2 team mates for the second half of the year. Jerrah & Tammi Jackson.

In February I established a routine with the students on the different campuses, where I take them through our basic discipleship material, taking them out witnessing on their campus and encourage them to go in groups of 2 to share their faith. We hosted a training on 23 February at our office and took a few students through the basic lessons. They practiced together and the following Tuesday we took a few of them out witnessing on University of Cape Town. Obakeng is a key student on this campus and God blessed him in his sharing time. It was almost a textbook experience how the person responded. In the booklet we share we have 2 circles; Self-directed life and Christ-directed life. The student said she was in the first circle and she wants to be in the second. On the other hand Jabulile had a hard time just to get to the point of sharing the gospel. We as staff remind them that all they have to do is take the initiative to share Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to God.

Tyler Williams and I sharing on UWC

Tyler Williams and I sharing on UWC

For the past 10 days we (the Western Cape ministry team) have been hosting a team from Colorado and Missouri with the purpose to how to partner with each other. They have been sending outreach teams in July consisting of students, focused on community and university outreach, as well as Short Term International (Stint) teams that come for a year of their life to reach out in Cape Town. Our responsibility is to cast vision and make practical plans on where we want to make an impact.

Please pray for the following:

  • That the students will be able to work as a team on the different campuses
  • That the strategy/schedule will bear fruit.
  • That God will bless the partnership between us and the guys from the USA
  • That God raise up local people to help reach our universities with me.

Have a blessed Easter and thank you for your prayers.



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