Hello my name is…


Making phone calls while getting encouraged by colleague – Barney Badenhorst

Talking to strangers about the Gospel – no problem

Preaching to crowds – easy peasy!

Going to scary places and eating strange food so that lost people can meet Jesus – love it!

Talking to people about investing in us as missionaries – scary  :-/

I’m currently on a course called DMPD which stands for Discipleship Ministry Partnership Development. Those who send us onto the harvest field through their prayers and financial investment (ministry partners) are the ones who keep the wheels turning – making sure every student hears the Gospel. We cant do this without them, but how do we find such people?

In the past, many of our missionaries would go out alone on appointments to tell Christians about what we do and challenge them to join our team. This time around, we are being trained on how to do this as a team – make phone calls, go on appointments, and laugh and cry together as we watch how God provides.  And it seems that God has a greater agenda with my heart than with my wallet. Yes, He wants to provide for Nicholas and I, but He cares about my faith and love for Him even more.

Friends, I will be on this course for a month in Gauteng and unfortunately Nicholas cant be with me due to his ministry commitments in Cape Town. Please pray that my fears will be overcome by my faith and that with every call I make and every person I meet – that God will remind me that: “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord” Proverbs 21:31.

There’s another way in which YOU could help me during this time. Do you know of Christians in Gauteng that would be interested in hearing about our ministry and would consider investing in us as their missionaries? Cant think of anyone? How about prayerfully looking through this checklist and seeing if you can give me names and phone numbers of people you know:

  •         Cellphone contacts – BBM or Whatsapp groups
  •         Friends at work
  •         Friends from high school or university
  •         Church – home groups / ministry teams
  •         Family
  •         Facebook friends (could you perhaps get their phone numbers for me?)

Please email me on pravaniwithccc@gmail.com.

Thanks friends,



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