A typical South African? No such thing!

stint  team 2013

“A typical South African is a like a polka dot fish – it doesn’t exist!”  – Rose Thompson conducting cross-cultural training

When was the last time you had to describe your culture to someone? How about describing the culture of your country? Our work ethics? Our food? Our religion?

To most South Africans, our country seems like an easy place to adapt to. However, not many of our American STINT teams would agree. The word STINT stands for “Short-term International” and refers to teams that come from abroad to serve in missions with CCC for a year. Most of the teams that come to South Africa find that the more they learn about South African culture, the less they know. That’s precisely why we take a weekend away with them to teach them about how to live well in South Africa for a year. Not just to live well, but to learn how to empower South Africans to reach their own country and cultures for Christ. From 1-3February they were addressed by a variety of CCCSA missionaries including our national team leader, Elspeth Liebenberg. Nicholas facilitated a discussion on Expectations and co-taught a session on the use of evangelistic materials and helpful illustrations when sharing the Gospel with South Africans. I, Pravani, shared the national strategic plan and direction as well as gave information and vision of certain events that we will be hosting throughout the year.

This year we have a team of 7 Americans who will be involved with the student-led movement of CCCSA – sharing the Gospel on universities specifically in KZN and the Eastern Cape and teaching students how to share their faith with others.


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