Greetings from a hot and humid Nigeria!

It’s our final day of the Pamoja III conference and what a journey it has been! The theme of the conference is “Give me Africa” and we have been receiving teachings on what it means to be the new generation of African leaders who will birth a new Africa for Jesus. Students, young business people and CCC staff from up to 32 countries across the continent are gathered here at Covenant University in Ogun State, Nigeria and one cannot help but feel like this is how heaven is going to be one day.

South Africans at Pamoja

As South Africans, our time here has been filled with cross-cultural adventures. The weather is hot and humid, the food is slightly strange, the showers are cold, the walks to the venues are long and the mosquitoes are hungry. It’s interesting to see how many people want to take pictures of our team especially of Nicholas and I because it seems strange that South Africa has indigenous white and Indian people! We have also had the opportunity to co-teach classes on evangelism and discipleship and I taught a seminar on Sexual Purity.

Pravani embracing the culture

A typical lunchNicholas teaching

As we look forward to coming back home to South Africa, we are grateful for the training and encouragement we received here in Nigeria. We cannot wait to share this information with you and the students we are building into. Please pray for physical and emotional strength, a continued intimacy with the Father’s heart and safety for our return journey.

Pravani Kelderman

Cape to Cairo


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